The Witcher 3


*Note: this list is automatically generate from my mod folder and may contain errors*

Name Version Description
Always Full Exp 1.31 Gives more exp for quests above your level and less exp for quests below your level (max: 150% exp, min: 50% exp)
Better Trophies 2.0 Replaces the boring vanilla trophies bonuses. Each trophy now has a unique bonus and 5% bonus damage to the enemy of the same type.
No Intro - No Storybook 1.22 Remove storybooks and intro
Increased LOD 1.6b Increases the draw distance of small & medium sized objects by 30% Increases the level of detail for a lot of objects in the game by 50% - 300% (varies due to restrictions).
HD Reworked Project 3.46 Aims to improve the graphics by reworking models and textures to better quality.
Better Icons 1.5 Oil, Potion, Bomb and Decoction Icons have their name written on them all the time. So its much easier to find the oils, potions, bombs & decoctions you are looking for.
Character Lighting Fix 0.2 This mod decreases the amount of additional ("fake") light received by characters, and reduces the shining effect in shadows
Colored Map Markers 1.30.1 Replaces worldmap and mini-map markers with some colored variations.
Jump in Shallow Water 1.3 I doubt this needs one. You couldn't jump when in shallow water before, now you can.