Stardew Valley


*Note: this list is automatically generate from my mod folder and may contain errors*

Name Version Description
Entoarox Framework 2.0.6 A collection of API's to make modding easier
Automate 1.8 Lets you automate crafting machines, fruit trees, and more by connecting them to chests.
Better RNG 1.8.0 Makes the game's randomness more random.
ChestsAnywhere 1.12 Access your chests from anywhere.
Cooking Skill 1.0.8. Adds a cooking skill.
Expanded Fridge 1.2.8 Expands the fridge in the players house.
Extended Minecart 1.7.1 More destinations for your minecart needs!
Furniture Anywhere 1.1.5 Lets you place furniture anywhere you can place chests or machines!
GiftTasteHelper 2.6.4 Displays NPC gift tastes in a handy tooltip.
LookupAnything 1.17 View metadata about anything by pressing a button.
Luck Skill 0.1.5. Adds ways of getting the vanilla luck skill.
Save Backup 1.3.1 Backs up your save files at regular intervals.
Scythe Harvesting 1.10.0. Harvest crops and flowers using a Scythe! Grants XP and Sunflower Seeds.
Skill Prestige 1.2.3 Lets you earn permanent profession perks beyond that which can normally be obtained in Vanilla play by spending Prestige Points, earned by resetting a skill from 10 to 0.
Cooking Skill Prestige Adapter 1.1.0
SkullCavernElevator 1.1.2. Elevator for the Skull Cavern
SpaceCore 1.0.5. ...
UI Info Suite 1.6.1 Adds a lot of useful information to the user interface. This is based on Demiacle's excellent UIModSuite.
Xnb Loader 1.1.9 Safely load custom xnb files without touching your Content directory!